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gyan jyoti school Admission Help Line Number
Phone No.: 0612-2250210
Fax No: 06122250210

Letest Update

The school will remain closed till further notice .
gyan jyoti school

gyan jyoti schoolRules & Directives

Rules and Directives for the Students and their Guardians

We believe in the values of a disciplined life. We have the ability to distinguish between freedom and irresponsibility, so we take disciplinary actions against a student only when absolutely necessary. Guardians have to make sure that their wards come to school everyday on time and in proper uniform prescribed for the day.
They have to ensure us that their wards come to school with books and notebooks according to the class routine. Regular checking & signing of the school diary reflect their sincerity towards their children. In the classroom each student is expected to take care of his/her books, notebooks & other belongings.
Bringing expensive watches, jewellery, cameras, music systems, mobile phones, etc. to school is not permitted. Any such items found with a student will be confiscated. The payment of school fees must be made by the 15th of every month. Late payment due to any reason cannot be accepted without late fine.

Attendance & Leave

  • Minimum 75% attendence in the school is compulsory.
  • Leave of absence is granted only when absolutely necessary.
  • Unauthorised absence is considered a serious misconduct and may incur discliplinary actions.