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Phone No.: 0612-2250210
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Letest Update

The school will remain closed till further notice .
gyan jyoti school

We encourage our students to

  • imbibe the wisdom of ages in the midst of nature, peace and harmony.
  • learn by enquiry, exploration and experience.
  • master technology by harnessing it in everyday application.
  • learn to cope with life,with all its throughs and crests.
  • become better human beings.

We want that our students

  • exhibit a collaborative approach to learning.
  • plan and adhere to timeliness.
  • demonstrate positive attitude.
  • take criticisms positively.
  • have an effective communication skill.
  • identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • participate in activities involving arts, science & culture.
  • exhibit honesty and integrity.
  • display a scientific temperament.
  • identify causes and effects of stress on themselves.

Parents - Teachers meet

It is mandatory for the parents to attend the “Parents Teachers Meets”. On such occasions the parents have the opportunity to give their valuable suggestions to the teachers and take guidelines from them. The main objectives of such meets are to work together for the development of the children.