gyan jyoti school

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Phone No.: 0612-2250210
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Letest Update

The school will remain closed till further notice .
gyan jyoti school


  • Respect all, especially elders, parents and teachers. Act with difference as required by the situations.
  • Speak with care and thoughtfulness. Avoid extreme language, whatever be the provocation.
  • Be friendly, warm and helpful whether in or out of the school. Lend a helping hand whenever or wherever you can.
  • On the playground be fair. Be a true sportsman. Accept defeat with grace.
  • Be compassionate and understanding with the old, the infirm, the poor and physically and mentally handicapped.
  • Always remember the school is judged by your conduct. Cultivate good manners and social graces in all interactions everywhere. Recognize the need for mutual accommodation. Be sensitive to the needs of other.
  • Appreciate the beauty around you and ensure that the school and classroom are not only clean but also beautiful.Do not do anything to mar their beauty.
  • Do not complain or grumble whatever the stress or problem is with you.
  • Above all, respect your culture and what it stands for, its tolerance and its vital power to service through ages.
  • Conserve the environment by practising three R's Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. Conserve water, for every drop counts.
  • Maintain discipline everywhere.