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Letest Update

By the order of D M Patna , the summer vacation has been preponed from May 10 , 2019 . The school will reopen on June 07 , 2019 .


gyan jyoti school GYAN JYOTI RESIDENTIAL PUBLIC SCHOOL is an entirely English Medium School dedicated to all those sincere teachers whose efforts have brought a certain revolution in the field of education. It is located at Shiwala-Naubatpur Road about 8 km. south-west to Danapur Railway Station.

Blessed are they who are pleasant to live with
Blessed are they who sing in the morning
Whose faces have smiles for their every adorning
Who come down to breakfast accompanied by cheer
Who don't dwell on troubles or entertain fear
Whose eyes smile forth bravely, Whose lips curve to say
" life, I salute! Good morrow, new day! "